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CD Players

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I know everyone is going digital these days, and I do use streaming music services, but I am wedded to my CDs and have no intention of getting rid of them.

My question is about CD players and their built-in error correction facility. I seem to remember that when CDs were first produced, one of the selling points was their longevity and how most CDs could ignore any surface scratches and still play the CDs. I have a Cambridge Audio CD player, which I've now owned for around 10 years. Recently it has refused to play certain CDs, even when I can't see any scratches on them, though it's a bit temperamental (sometimes it will, sometimes it won't) probably meaning that the error correction facility has stopped working.

Modern CD players don't seem to be as good as old ones and indeed I remember that when I purchased this one, it was a replacement for a model that didn't support gapless playback. Nothing in the technical specs prepared me for that and none of the specs for many of the CD players I am looking at now say anything about error correction. I can't afford anything high end. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'd like to thank everyone for their responses. I'm going to try @HenryPenfold's suggestion first, as its the cheapest and easiest. My lens cleaner CD should be with me today.
after some annoyance I abandoned my large CD’s collection to its fate. I don't like streaming so I buy Loseless from online stores and I read the PDF covers enlarging the font because I'm in my sixties and my eyesight is bad. Sad but true.
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