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Cello Suites Recommendation

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I know I have been asking for a lot of advice recently, but if I'm doing it is precisely because the advice that I'm receiving in this web is being absolutely outstanding so far.

That being said, I'd like to ask you guys if you could recommend some composer whose Cello Suites are really worth giving a try to. I don't really know many. I only know Bach's (I own a live version of his Cello Suites performed by Rostropovich which is OK I guess, but I listened to a Fournier's rendition last week at a friend's house and really liked it) and Britten's (again Rostropovich). Are there any other brilliant Cello Suites that I am missing?? Any other recommendation for Bach's and Britten's??

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Fournier is also my favorite for Bach
Yes, I got the same impression by listening to it just once at a party. I had to ask who was playing and all the guy told me was that it was Fournier. I don't know the label, the year... nothing. Any help?? Has Fournier recorded the Cello Suites more than once or there is only one option??
I haven't heard the live Rostropovich (is it this one?).

I recommend that you check this out:
Yes! That's the one I have. It's not bad, but it doesn't make me feel like I have found the perfect choice for this wonderful work (so far Fournier is the only one who has been close to doing that)
Originally, the Fournier set was on Archiv, a side-label of DG (1961). There is only one complete set, from what I know; there may be some live recital pieces too, etc.
I've been doing a little research on that matter and turns out there are 4 different recordings of the Cello Suites by Fournier.

-1959/Accord (no clue)
-1961/DG (the one you mentioned and the one I suspect I feel in love with)
-1972/TDK (no clue)
-1977/Philips (I've read really mixed opinions about this one: from definitive recording to end-of-career indifferent rendition)

I'll check them all on spotify in the next few days, but it looks like the DG/Archiv one is the one to get.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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