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Chandos Opera in English

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I know many people aren't a fan of translated operas, and it wouldn't be my primary method either. But as a side niche it interests me a bit. So what versions of these (or other English translated) operas do you find to be of reasonably good quality? And if you can't actually understand the words feel free to skip it, it'd only be worthwhile if I could actually understand it, I would prefer the original language if I'm not going to understand anyway :D
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Sorely tempting. Mr. Sonata somehow thinks I don't need anymore CDs. Silly man. ;)

Onto the latest Chandos listenings:

I tried Rossini's Italian in Algiers this morning. The performers seemed fine enough, but I could not get into it. And I really enjoy the original Italian, it might be my favorite of Rossini's comedic operas. Here maybe we've found a case where the English doesn't cut it for me! I didn't bother listening to the whole thing.

On the other hand:

This one was very good. Florestan is a fan of this one and I agree with him. The singer of Senta in no way manages what Anja Silja does in the role but still I've no complaints. I enjoyed the Dutchman in particular. A fine recording and while not as good as Klemperers I could see myself listening again.

For now a detour into Russian reportoire, then I'll post again once I've listened to Idomeneo later this week.
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