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[NOTE: I do not know if this is the correct forum for this. It lies somewhere between orchestral and vocal music]
I have always loved the way that Myaskovsky composed for the choir in the fourth (and last) movement.
Rectangle Music Font Parallel Slope
Rectangle Font Parallel Monochrome Drawing
Music Font Sheet music Handwriting Line
Rectangle Music Font Art Parallel
Rectangle Font Parallel Monochrome Pattern
(I can only attach up to five files here, sorry)
Text in Latin:
O, quid vidimus?
Mirum prodigium,
et portentum bonum,
corpus mortuum.
Quod abs te, anima,
quod relinquebatur,
quod relinquebatur,
et deserebatur.
Tibi, anima, ad Dei
judicium est eundum,
o corpus
in humum humidum.
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