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I agree with Bulldog's comment also, but the OP raises some interesting points and, though I'm not German, my mother was Austrian and I have a degree in German and French, so I'm going to offer a comment or two.

I don't think the caption is that hard to translate really. Either of your versions would be fine but I would go with the "Naturally" one because I think they're trying to create the impression that going to a concert should be a natural thing for an inhabitant of Bremerhaven to do (I don't know how true that is because I don't know how big a profile your local orchestra has, but it's what they're aiming to persuade you and your fellow citizens to think).

I don't find it easy to look natural when anyone takes a photo of me, so I wouldn't be too hard on the people in this photo. Not sure what I think about the suggestion of including younger people. At the moment concert audiences still tend to be made up of older people, so maybe including younger ones might be trying a bit too hard - it wouldn't look "natural". ;)

Alles gute.
A friend of mine who's a marketing professor said advertisements cost money, bang for the buck!, they need to be memorable. How is this achieved? We know. Annoying ads are quite effective. Unexpected people and their antics. Ugliness as a concept is memorable. Quirkiness and outrageousness is difficult to ignore and forget.

Photogenic faces (like those always in ancient advertisements) have become passé. It's become very difficult for the marketers.
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