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I agree with Bulldog's comment also, but the OP raises some interesting points and, though I'm not German, my mother was Austrian and I have a degree in German and French, so I'm going to offer a comment or two.

I don't think the caption is that hard to translate really. Either of your versions would be fine but I would go with the "Naturally" one because I think they're trying to create the impression that going to a concert should be a natural thing for an inhabitant of Bremerhaven to do (I don't know how true that is because I don't know how big a profile your local orchestra has, but it's what they're aiming to persuade you and your fellow citizens to think).

I don't find it easy to look natural when anyone takes a photo of me, so I wouldn't be too hard on the people in this photo. Not sure what I think about the suggestion of including younger people. At the moment concert audiences still tend to be made up of older people, so maybe including younger ones might be trying a bit too hard - it wouldn't look "natural". ;)

Alles gute.
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