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Can anybody help me with pieces of classical music that represent/ reflects different kinds of human moods - fx one for sadness, one for joy, one for angry, one for tired, one for playfull, one for dreaming. I am looking for musical pieces that a quite short (1-3 minutes) - of the same composer - instrumental music.

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Robert Schumann - Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood)

Von fremden Ländern und Menschen/Of Foreign Lands and Peoples
Kuriose Geschichte/A Curious Story
Hasche-Mann/Blind Man's Bluff
Bittendes Kind/Pleading Child
Glückes genug/Happy Enough
Wichtige Begebenheit/An Important Event
Am Kamin/At the Fireside
Ritter vom Steckenpferd/Knight of the Hobbyhorse
Fast zu ernst/Almost Too Serious
Kind im Einschlummern/Child Falling Asleep
Der Dichter spricht/The Poet Speaks

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