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I'm assuming that all classical music stations are public, not for profit organizations. They rely on listener support so they don't want to upset the little old ladies that send them money every month. As a result you get to hear a lot of boring, third tier baroque music, and familiar warhorses of the romantic era. They don't want to scare off their contributors playing Xenakis, Varese, or Elliott Carter. I don't really care because the only time I turn it on is for the five minute ride to the grocery store.

Classical radio was a bigger part of my life when I was working. I enjoyed the syndicated shows in the evening by Bill McLaughlin, and others. I was also a regular listener to the university jazz station until those educated folks running things decided to ruin the station by turning it into a talk radio format for fifty percent of the time. They got rid of all the volunteer DJs playing good music and filled the rest of the airtime with syndicated shows that don't hold any interest for me.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts