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"John Brunning presents our brand new programme - two hours of relaxing classics to help you wind-down at the end of each day."

"un-wind "

"Annie-Marie Minhall presents the perfect blend of classical music to make your weekend a relaxing one."

etc etc etc...

I'm sick of Classic FM, and how it has shoved a flippin' great syringe in to the heart of Classical music's image and sucked out of all the passion, vigour, bombast, fireworks, dazzling virtuosity and thunderous power.

There 's always that poxy woman, the one with the really annoying "smiling while talking" voice constantly wittering on about "relaxing and unwinding" with the world's most "beautiful music".

They could have focussed on the great dramatic power, the profound nature of much of the music, the darkness, the light, the endless nuances, the incredible complexity, vibrancy, the awe inspiring genius behind the greatest compositions.

But no.

It's about how "relaxing" it is.

What they are saying is they think that your brain is too small to buy in to all the passion and the huge emotional scale of classical music, so we're going to concentrate our marketing on the bits that will put you in to a stupor, or help you "clear out your mind" while doing your homework.

The best music stirs the soul. It doesn't give it a blanket and hot water bottle.

(BTW - hello!)
ClassicFM is certainly irritating, but as others have said, some people do find some CM relaxing to listen to.
1 - 2 of 81 Posts