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First of all: what group (instruments) do you plan to find. I guess it will be some chambermusic for piano and strings? Especially in the classical and romantic period the piano has a kind of leading position there. But a chambergroup shouldn't have one director, everyone should be able to make his own ideas reality. Of course one should coordinate. Focusing on details first wouldn't be the best choice. Start, after you all had a look on the notes at home, with playing the whole work. Then you see technical difficulties, you can mark them for practising. Then take one movement and make little parts and improoving them. After you have the technical skills you can look on phrases, dynamics and what to emphasize and so on. But this will come naturally And go ahead with other movements in the same way. Maybe starting practising with the slow movement would be a good decision. What repertoire are you going to look for?

Chambermusic is a lot of fun and enjoyment for players and listeners!

So far, all the best,
Daniel :)
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