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Actually I remember seeing something on TV that was sort of like this. While Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique was being performed, a movie of sorts was being played on a cinema screen situated behind the orchestra. The movie was a collection of excerpts from older films, and it followed the programme created by Berlioz. It was all put together by a Spanish conductor, whose name I can't remember.

Personally I found it a bit distracting, and hard to concentrate on both the movie and the music. However, this may have been due to the nature of Berlioz's programme - trying to follow the 'plot' through the fragmented film was quite difficult.

I think this idea has great potential, as long as you choose the film images carefully, so they don't distract the listeners from the music itself... After all, the music is the focal point, right? :p

Good luck with it all.
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