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Some thoughts after a quick listen:

La Playa:

What is the written form of the lead sheet and then what is the form you are playing? I’m pretty sure the lead sheet isn’t just 8 bars repeating, but I’m not sure if it’s 16 bars repeating or if it’s a 32-bar AABA head. I can’t really tell. I think the standard is AABA. At least that’s what I write when I do these kind of tunes. And usually you would play head-solo-head from a lead sheet. But I’m not sure if you’re just playing something you’ve written entirely in your head and are playing from memory???

Part of the problem is that I think you’ve started the B part on the same note and chord as the A part so they all get mixed up. And also it’s a little hard to figure the melody out because the melody is sort of mimicking the accompanying rhythm and isn’t distinct enough from it. The “melody” is just too groovy and similar to the left hand. The hands are also really close together in range too. So, which is melody and which is accompaniment? Its also a bit tough to tell when the improv starts (I think there is an improv section in the middle, right?) You may want to use faster note values and move up the keyboard to a higher range to really let us know you are taking flight and improvising, because it’s a little hard to tell.


This is fine. I think you’ve captured Chopin to some degree. His forms are usually ternary. Also I’d make sure the left hand utilizes wide leaps (some extreme) with limited “patterns” over and over again and again (at least, nothing as "rigid" as an Alberti Bass, let's say). Also make sure to utilize the full range of the keyboard. Even in short spans of time. Make sure the chords are voice-led. That is extremely important in Chopin. Even if they make strange chordal combinations.


Um, this is okay, but the rhythm and first few chords of the groove you keep repeating (the songs “hook”) sure sound derivative of Just the Two of Us, as about a million other songs in this style. So be careful and fore-warned. Just saying.

Gran Paradiso:

Not sure if you are wanting to get into film scoring. I have a degree in Film Scoring (in addition to Composition), and have done some film scores. I’m no John Williams, so take this with a grain of salt. The music is fine, but I don’t know if you cut the video to your music or wrote the music to the video as is, but in any case—it is widely considered bad technique among professionals to “hit” every cut in an edited film. Even “hitting” a SINGLE cut better have a good dramatic reason. Here you are hitting pretty much all the cuts. Just an FYI, that is considered amateurish and in bad taste, and just flat-out wrong. I’d rather not go into why, but you can take my word for it…or not.
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