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I want to see a rendition of hildegard von Bingen or carlo Gesualdo, i dont know if there are local ensemble that perform this kinda of classical here ...thus meaning retro.

Could this happen here in my hometown, i know montrealer when it come to classical are very orthodox it's baroque big name and that it...

Are there any concert Worth check out if i like these composer?

will there be a Gesualdo concert of his tenebrae responsoria i want to hear
miserere live or tristi anima mea.

Than a good ensemble performing Hildegarde would be rad too but im not expecting jordi savall
to come in montreal, the ticket would be like 150$ ockay slight exageration but if you want thee
very best they are expensive, they dont perform for chicken nuggets.

P.s Lassus Jeremiah laments would be supremo also but all of this is not gone happen just because i want it to, im a dreamer and this is magic thinking ...

that about it :tiphat:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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