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Contemporary opera

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This is a thread to debate about contemporary opera. The opera that is being composed in our own days.

Of course, the obvious question is: "what is the limit of our own days?".

For the sake of this thread, let's define contemporary opera as any opera written after 1980. This gives us more than thirty years, and is a reasonable time for a genre that tends to think in centuries.

Perhaps some TC members that are fans of Opera, are not very familiar with the latest new things in the genre. Or they are afraid only avant-garde Opera is being composed now. We will see that this is not the case, not by any means. There are new operas for (almost) everyone to enjoy, no matter what is our personal taste.

Philippe Manoury, (Tulle, 1952) is a French composer living in the US, with some important success in his career. He has been working with electronic music, as well as large orchestras.

In the field of Opera, his best known piece is K, premiered the year 2001, in Paris. This is relatively short opera, that was the recipient of several awards in France. It's based on Kafka's Der Prozeß (The Trial), and it's quite interesting:

This year Manoury has premiered his fourth opera, La Nuit de Gutenberg, in Strasbourg.

It seems rather nice as far as the instrumental music goes, but the vocal treatment can be suspected, something like the usual sprechgesang for the male singers, and the high coloratura roles for females.
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Indeed, in my view, "Innocence" is an opera that can be enjoyed by many opera fans. I agree with you.

Dialogues was premiered back in 1957, well before the start of the operas discussed in this thread (1980), but it's one of my favorites (in my personal top 10), and wonderful to watch in the theatre.

I remember one wonderful Dialogues evening at the opera house with Robert Carsen's production.

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This seems to be the place to record the following.

Out of a sense of loyalty we attend productions of all 'new' Operas presented by the ROH and ENO. I wont argue or spoil the fun for those on here who promote these new Opera's (and I'm glad you do) but for us it mostly feels like a duty rather than an experience to savour.

Innocence recently received its London premier and my wife and I were overcome by it and would heartily recommend it to ANYONE who loves Opera. I would have to go back to Dialogues des Carmélites for an Opera that made that strong an impression on me and that was first performed the year before I was born. Both are devastating to experience in the theatre.
Did you see "Blue" ? Somebody told me it's more tuneful than innocence. I have seen neither.
"Moses", one of the first operas written in the 21st century, is a piece by the Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk and premiered at the Lviv Theatre of Opera:

"Albertine en Cinq Temps, L’opéra" (2022), is an opera by Catherine Major, based on the play by Michel Tremblay.

"Maria di Venosa", music drama for orchestra, soloists and chorus in two parts and fourteen scenes (1992), by the Italian composer Francesco d'Avalos:

"Trato de favor" is a zarzuela written in 2023 by Lucal Vidal and Boris Izaguirre, and recently premiered at Teatro de la Zarzuela, in Madrid:

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