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I guess I don't belong in this thread as i am not one that toils in the kitchen. I am however one of the worlds great appreciators of those that do.
My significant and I are a good team when entertaining because I love the art of the presentation and she is a wonderful cook who has made cooking/baking her hobby.
Always home made bread, bagels, cake and pies. We never eat fast foods. Although we are not organic nuts we do buy better products and ingredients. I do dare say that we spend more on food than about anyone we know. Spices alone....
As to presentation, my area, out next dinner party I am thinking to replace flowers with tropical fish! Just an idea I had. I will use suitable vases for top breathing fish throughout the living/dinning area.

Even the water I serve with dinner must be from a properly shaped and colored bottle! (I prefer Saratoga water when it works)

If only I had the money to have better crystal and china... and better art, upscale furnishings.....

Yes, money always helps, lol

Anyway, just stopped in to tip my hat to the cooks here. If any receipts grab me, I will print hem out for the cook!
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