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Renée Fleming: Broadway

Renée Fleming (soprano)

BBC Concert Orchestra
Rob Fisher

Bock, J: Dear Friend (from She Loves Me)
Guettel: Fable
Kander, J: Love and Love Alone / Winter
Kern: All the things you are (from Very Warm for May)
Lloyd Webber, A: Tell me on a Sunday (from Tell Me On A Sunday)
Rodgers, R: I'm in love with a wonderful guy (from South Pacific)
Rodgers, R: Something wonderful (from The King & I)
Rodgers, R: The Sound of Music
Sondheim: The Glamorous Life
Sting: August Winds
Yeston: Unusual Way (from Nine, the musical)

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Twelve Moons

Jan Garbarek (soprano saxophone/tenor saxophone/synthesizer), Rainer Brüninghaus (piano/synthesizer), Eberhard Weber (bass), Manu Katché (drums), Marilyn Mazur (percussion), Agnes Buen Garnås (vocals), Mari Boine Persen (vocals)

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I've been listening to American jazz singer Stacey Kent since I came across some CD's of hers in the company library in France (where she is very popular) in 2002.
I'm not familiar with her. I'm listening on YouTube. I like the sense of vulnerability or maybe intimacy in her voice, and she has a lovely way of phrasing. Thanks for the introduction!

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Ute Lemper: Berlin Cabaret Songs

Sung in English

Ute Lemper (mezzo-soprano), Jeff Cohen (piano)

Matrix Ensemble, Robert Ziegler

Goldschmidt, B: The washed-up lover
Holländer: Chuck Out The Men
Holländer: Eine kleine Sehnsucht
Holländer: Ich weiß nicht, zu wem ich gehöre
Holländer: Münchhausen
Holländer: O just suppose
Holländer: Raus mit den Männern!
Holländer: Sex Appeal
Holländer: Wir wollen alle wieder Kinder sein!!
Holländer: Zieh Dich aus, Petronella!
Nelson, Rudolf: A little Attila
Nelson, Rudolf: Peter Peter, Komm Zu Mir Zuruck!
Spoliansky: Das Lila Lied
Spoliansky: I am a vamp
Spoliansky: It's all a swindle
Spoliansky: Maskulinum-Femininum
Spoliansky: The Lavender Song
Spoliansky: The Smart Set
Spoliansky: Wenn Die Beste Freundin Mit Der Besten Freundin
Spoliansky: When the special girlfriend
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