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Danny Elfman

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I theorize that the best art that stands the test of time has mass appeal and is original. I feel that in order to create art like this, takes an insane amount of depth of analysis and countless hours of exploring music that inspires you to develop your craft.

I find Elfman a true genius whose music is great as accompaniment to film and stand alone works of art.

His eccentric sound that appeals to the child in all of us really does it for me!

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Danny Elfman's Batman score was one of my first orchestral obsessions as a 12 year old. I think it's good music to be sure, but composers like Williams or Goldsmith are better orchestrators.

Elfman has orchestrators for his scores just like most film composers do. I believe from talking to some players who have worked with him, that he doesn't write and orchestrate in the professional sense. Rather he works within the DAW as all do and passes on the music (midi) to be scored. At least on one recording session, I was told he had a keyboard in the control room and if there was a moment in the score he wasn't happy with, he'd find the notes on the keyboard and tell the team of orchestrators and copyists sitting with him to edit the score...all during the live recording session.

His approach to writing has created some memorable scoring moments for sure. The celesta and female choir in 'Scissorhands' became for a long time, the default brief for Xmas music from advertising companies. I particularly like the main theme to 'Mars Attacks' with its infectious foot-tapping rhythm, quirky vocals and musical nods to the 1950's.

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Does he at least personally orchestrate his concertos?
Not sure. It's possible I suppose. I couldn't find any info on whether or not he orchestrated it beyond the heavy collaboration with the premier's soloist whilst writing..not an unusual state of affairs for any composer.
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