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Dark Moor, anyone?

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This is my favorite melodic-speed/neoclassical/symphonic/power metal band at the moment, but mostly due to their first two albums with the female vocalist (which is strange because usually I'm not into female vocals). Their songs might not be overwhelmingly impressive for a serious highbrow classical listener, but considering their genre they're pretty good I think. A typical song in this genre is of the following format: intro (chorus melody played by the guitar or synth) - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - mindless fast guitar/keyboard soloing - chorus. But Dark Moor has a lot of riffs and instrumental stuff between the vocal parts, and the guitar solos, while in a somewhat cheesy baroqueish/classicalish style, are still better then your typical random shred moment in this genre.

A Night of the Age
A New World
A Truth For Me
A Maid of the Orleans
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I liked some power metal when I was 14 - I find it too cheesy now. Tho there's some good bands.

Nice avy :lol:
Most people seem to get tired of this genre pretty fast. I've got some strange malfunction in the brain which prevents me from "growing out" of the genre. Though I don't listen to it as nearly as often as I used to and I'm also a lot pickier nowadays.
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