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Debussy`s Suite Bergamasque

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Hi all,

I got myself listening to it a lot during the last year. I would like to hear your opinion about good performances.

My favorite are: Gieseking (despite the bad quality sound) and Arrau`s from Final Session.

From the modern lot, I have sympathy for Bavouzet.

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Interesting inputs so far... If I would define a range, let`s that Gieseking is at one end and Bavouzet the other.
I was researching a bit and found out that Arrau`s version is almost 10 min (!!!) longer than Bavouzet.
Michelangeli is also a champion on the subject.
I will definitely look into Richter too.
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Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, is that I don`t have a nice recording of Gieseking. The bad sound quality is a bias here. That is the reason that I listen more often to Arrau`s. Bavouzet is technical. Impressive notes precision. But somehow I think his tempi are a bit too fast.
Another artist worth listening: Alexis Weissenberg
Pascal Roge is my favorite Debussy interpreter; the box set is an essential in my world; his Suite is gorgeous.
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Thanks for the input. This is an unknown record for me. I will check it out.
I love Michelangeli's Debussy, I think no one else had (or has) such a perfect control of the sound colors, but I am not aware of any recording of the Suite Bergamasque by him. Quite strange, because afaik he loved it. Maybe you or someone else can help.
When I wrote "champion" I meant as a Debussy player.

As far as I know, he didn't record a complete Suite Bergamasque.
It would be quite nice if I am wrong about it...
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