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Do you have prejudices regarding any composer?

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I can't stand Tchaikovsky since the very beginning. Too Disney-ish for me most of the time. So I kind of look somewhere else whenever our paths cross. I know it's bad and all of that, but I am sure some of you have the same unavoidable feeling about some other composers. :devil:
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Answering only for myself... sorry, it's Tchaikovsky.
Strangely enough, I think Tchaikovsky is the only composer whom I have a prejudice against. Every time I hear his name I think of pink bubble-gum cotton candy with extra sugar.

I may have to work on this bias a bit....
On a related note: when will people realize that "listenable" is about as backhanded a compliment as one can imagine?
Better than unlistenable. It's the difference between an eatable hotdog and an uneatable dog turd. I'll take the former.

Quite often my "listenable" charts have stepped into greatness. It's all to do with the listener.
I've had too much of the music I love relegated to the "unlistenable" bin by others to take it seriously as a label. I don't use the term myself because it's essentially a personal reaction (I find this unlistenable at this moment) that purports to be a description of the actual music (there is something about this music which is essentially unpalatable to me/humanity). Usually, it's not even literally true for the individual who uses it.
Yea, I try to avoid terms like that simply out of consideration. This stuff is taken seriously by a lot of folks, you know.

Then again, the extreme dynamics in opinions can be a necessary contrast in shining some light on the more reasonable.
1 - 3 of 140 Posts
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