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Do your musical tastes change over time?

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Yes - it was 2001 that got me into classical to begin with.

I still shy away from Ligeti though. I do like some of the more experimental 20th century pieces, but I believe also we should have a common musical language. Otherwise there can be no surpises. If every note is a surpise, then none of them are.

My musical tastes have expanded. 2001 got me into the huge orchestral sounds of the romantic era. After I discovered the complexity of baroque, I spent decades binging on that almost exclusivley. and though I never warmed entirely to the classic era - especially Mozart - I'm now an absolute fanatic about Beethoven, whom I still consider in the classic period, the pinnacle of it infact. I have begun also to appreciate chamber music such as quartets and piano trios, which in my younger days I would have considered boring because there are no ground shaking orchestral crashes involved. I have since learned to appreciate the subtleties of chamber pieces.

But each of these transitons are an addition, not an entire relacement for my tastes. If I could live a couple hundred years, I might come to love everything.
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