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Do your musical tastes change over time?

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They do and it's because I fatigue easily with just one genre/period of music. My music collection (which is more of a "just in case" thing than a collection de facto) spans Renaissance to Punk (after which popular styles fell into a kind of super-conservative soup) and contemporary music.

On the classical side they cover orchestral, ensemble, a few soloists, vocal, opera (edit: )and electroacoutic. Notable gaps in my interest nowadays are Haydn and the classicists. I do have a couple of Beethoven Symphonies, the big Mass in D, all the quartets; Brahms, the Symphonies.

So it's a question of the prevailing mood I'm in - or the one I want to be in (music provides an easy transition) and what I've recently heard too much of!

Opera has always been a peculiar issue for me. While a young teen I was taken to see Berg's Lulu. That hooked me. But I could find little more until earlier Rossini. Broadened a bit since as I'm always ready to explore.
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