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Does anyone else dislike holiday music?

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Here in the States, holiday music (including Christmas carol and other well-known gems) are played endlessly not only in stores and public places but also on the radio of classical music stations, including our local public radio station and on the classical station on satellite radio (Sirius XM).

Even when played and sung by classical stars, I hate the stuff. I am sick of it, not from last year, but from so many years past (I hate to say how many). The stuff bores me silly.

Does anyone else feel the same way, or are you enjoying it, at least when it's played or sung well, in a "classical" fashion?

Merry Christmas to you (if you do that), or Happy Holidays in any case. Or if you are in a country which does not celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace.


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I enjoy holiday music, especially by singers I really respect such as Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Elvis.
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