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What kind of fingers do you have?

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Mine are fat sausage-like fingers. I just remembered... About 1989 I saw my ex brother in law for the first time in many years.He just happened to walk into my favorite cafe.. Anyway I had my new very expencive mandolin with me, (he did'nt know I was a musician ) and I asked him if I could play for him . "YES !" he said enthusiastically. I played a real quick, difficult to play, Bluegrass piece. When I finished ,his eyes were wide .He took my left hand and looked closely at it, and said " When was the last time you thought about your dad?" ' I have'nt thought about him for ... months? Why do you ask?' I answered. He said" Your dad never played that fast ,but you have the exact same fat sausage-like fingers as he did!" My father was a multi-instrumentalist (tenor banjo,F hole guitar mandolin,organ) And had played for decades in a Canadian Legion band. He died when I was 23 and the encounter with Patrick was sure an eye opener! Sorry. I've got to figure out how to shorten my stories...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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