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I'm a co-creator of a mobile classical music game called Repertoire. Below you can see what the game is about:

In short, we want to promote great culture (in this particular case, classical music) through great games. We've showed the game to the public at a couple of gaming conventions around the globe and the response we've got was very positive, especially from children and parents. But the competition on the mobile gaming market is fierce and the app store has plenty of games such as piano tiles. Unfortunately, these games are like mini-casinos which are meant to be addicting first and foremost. Our game is not going to teach anybody how to play a real piano either, but we think it is a great way to introduce people (both children and adults) to classical music and musicality in general.

We are looking for help in 3 main areas:
- feedback - we want to learn how our game can do a better job of promoting and educating about classical music.
- promotion and partnership - so that we can expand our reach and grow an organic community
- funding/grants - so that we can continue improving the game, curating content, maintaining it etc.

Our question is, does anybody know people and/or organisations/foundations that would be interested in talking with us? All suggestions are welcome. We are hoping for partnerships that will be mutually beneficial.

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