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A very long Schubert's piano sonatas were neglected in the world-wide concert-life. We have to thank Svjatoslav Richter and Alfred Brendel who were true pioneers to lift them up onto the stage.

What was the reason for getting lost? Musical value? Too intimate that they were not suitable for perfomances?

For me the sonatas are somehow the inner light of Schubert. They vary between ppp too ff... But especially the great nuances in the piano are so remarkable.
His melody-lines lead to a sense of infinity, and they open a door to a world behind this visable reality.
For example in the last Sonata D960, B-flat-major, in the 2nd movement, you can hear the sighing, searching human, in the background the calling bells of another world.

Playing Schubert oneself, is more than medicine, it is the contact to pure human sensibility.

What do think?

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