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Glenn Gould

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I think Glenn Gould deserves it to get an own thread.

The book I am reading is German, but it's amazing that you also can get this spreading impression through a translation, but must have a look on original, too.

The English version must be "The Glenn Gould Reader" edited by Tim Page. You will find it in Amazon, I think.

Also an interesting point: Gould and conducters. He didn't like to play with many conducters and later when he said bye to the concert life and only recorded he played even rarely with conducters.

Those one he liked to play with were: Stokowski, Golschmann, Krips, and Karajan.

Stokowski yes! Thats an interesting fact. Is Stokowski known also with energetic and free interpretations. The opposite - especially for Gould - Toscanini. He compares that to the Europians Mengelberg and Weingartner. Weingartner as enthusiast and Mengelberg the correct human. Stokowski was nearer to his character...and Stokowski who didnt like to play with soloist recorded with him the Beethoven 5 th!

Golschmann and Gould were a perfect double, they recorded Bach piano concerts. Golschmann followed the intensions of Glenny, so it was a good deal.
With Krips he made Beethoven concerts, 5 th excluded, quasi a remake to record even this concert with Stokowski later.

Must take a look to that book about pianists and violinists. I like reading interviews because they show you a real person and you learn much about his character, more maybe than in articles.
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U can't keep a whale in a fish tank. Well, Glenn+Stokowski... 2 whales in the ocean. LOL...
Ha ha ha! :lol:
I think Stokowski is very dense and stark for me.
Talking about interviews. What is the most interesting interview u've read by far? Be it musician, politicians or just about anybody.
I like Joshua Bell's interview and there's one more person that resembles GGould's way of answering question. His manner of speech, directness and sacarism. I can't remember whether it's Horowitz or Heifet. I think it's Horowitz.
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