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Which ensemble performs the most satisfying rendition of "Bella figlia dell 'amore""

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First I must speak up for my old friend Joe Green. Others might be sniffy about the musicianship here but each time I hear it I'm blown away. Must have seen Rigoletto 20+ times live and this is for me the pivotal moment (others say it's determined in the Act 1 curse). The characters are drawn together on stage and the genius here is they really are the essence of themselves whilst singing different lines to this beautiful, simple melody. It sets us up for the ending. Joe was a man of the theatre and for me this moment may just be his finest and amongst the very best in all the theatre I've experienced.

Saw Solti conduct many times at the ROH and in person it was never less than thrilling. Saw Kraus as The Duke and it was a stylish affair. He must have been in his 50's and he played it as less the young libertine and more the sly old fox. It worked.

However I am seduced by Domingo who has more colour here than he latterly had in the Theatre. Giulini is masterful, the balance is the best and it gets my vote.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts