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Welcome to the Opera on DVD/Blu-ray/CD subforum.

Here you'll find a sticky "chat" thread for everything that relates to opera on DVD/Blu-ray/CD but is not actually a review of one of these products.

There's also a sticky thread with our most recommended DVD/blu-ray versions of 100 operas (there is the initial list with cover pictures, and further down there is the first official revision of the list).

While there is space for other material as above, the *main* goal of this subforum is to create an organized, searchable space for *reviews* of operas on DVD or blu-ray or CD - but you'll notice that many of our reviews are followed by comments and harmless fun - they are not dry and strict, the subforum is more than just a collection of reviews.

Our reviews are not always formal - they run the gamut between a few phrases or even a few words, to very complex ones. So, don't feel discouraged to post if you just want to say a few words about an opera DVD or blu-ray or CD that you like or don't like.

Reviews should go to the composer's specific thread. Most major composers have one. A few threads group some composers by era or subgenre (e.g. French Romantic, Modernist opera, Operetta) when they don't seem to generate enough posts to deserve their own thread. But if a composer that belongs to such eras or subgenres does have his own thread (e.g. respectively Massenet, Berg, Offenbach), please post your review there, not in the era/subgenre threads. Those composers who not only have a small operatic output that wouldn't justify the creation of a specific thread *and* whose works don't better fall under other headings, have a "Miscellaneous" thread - don't forget to browse it if you can't find what you need. If a composer whose works are there in the miscellaneous thread later starts to get too many reviews and comments, then we may create a specific thread for him/her, and move those comments to the new thread.

If you want to start a new thread for a composer who doesn't have his own yet, you can, but it would be nice (although not required) if you first consulted by PM one of the Opera forum moderators - jhar26 or Almaviva.

When posting a review, please do the following: first, look for the right thread, by composer name, era/subgenre, or miscellaneous. This will save the moderators the trouble of having to move your post to the appropriate thread (we can do it for you, but it's best to keep things organized from start).

Then, give to your post a title, *always* using this format: name of the composer, name of the opera, and type of medium. This is important for searching purposes (often members post a cover picture but fail to mention the name of the composer and the work, and words in a picture won't show in our search engine). We want these reviews to be easy to find by members or visitors who are looking for recommended versions.

Example of a review post title:

Verdi: La Traviata on Blu-ray

Chat started *in the context* of a review (light banter, joking comments, etc.) does belong in the review threads, not in the sticky Chat thread which is for non-review related chat (e.g., "look at what I bought today" would be in the general Chat thread, but poking gentle fun at a reviewer or at a work being reviewed belongs in the review threads - needless to say, the operative word is *gentle,* because while we love this kind of banter, general forum rules require civility and forbid ad hominem attacks.

Operas on CD *can* be included in the composer threads, but we also have a thread just for operas on CD, all composers combined. You can choose whether you want to post a review of a CD in the composer's own thread, or in the general CD thread. We have just started a project for establishing a list of most recommended CDs as well. CD reviews are so outnumbered by DVD reviews (10% vs. 90%).

There is also a thread for technical questions, equipment, players, media, etc. It is not very popular. I guess people get these kinds of questions answered elsewhere in the Internet.

Similarly to our "Most recommended" thread/project, we have a thread for the bad stuff: most terrible crap in the history of opera on DVD/blu-ray.:lol:

Finally, the historical threads that originated this subforum - e.g., discussions on whether we should create the subforum or not, the old one-size-catches-all Opera on DVD thread and a couple of others - were preserved, although they don't fall under any of the categories above. Even though these historical threads aren't locked, you should try to rather post in the new ones, instead of resuscitating the old ones.

The above rules intend to keep this area organized, but shouldn't discourage you from posting or starting new threads - we're friendly folks here, and if we need to move a post or merge a thread, it's just to preserve the "easy searching" character of the sub-forum, and shouldn't be understood as some sort of reprimand. So, please see these rules as guidelines rather than strict laws.

If you have questions that were not addressed above, feel free to PM the moderators.

Thanks for participating, and have fun!:tiphat:
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