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Gurth's Games (for fun)

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Game No c1:

This is a 20 Questions sort of game.
The question here is "What do the 3 words 'the', 'an' and 'director' have in common?"

How to play: Submit any yes/no type of question you like (the usual type of question in 20 Questions). At 1 - 2 pm (South African time) tomorrow, i.e. 24 hours from NOW, I will choose what I think is the most helpful question (for you!) as 1st question and answer it.

The non-chosen questions will be forgotten, but there is no rule against resubmitting them on future days.

Only one question per player per day, please. Have fun!
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Does it have to do with an awesome(or... alcoholic?) director of the St. Petersburg Conservatory (1905-1928)?

Huilunsoittaja, sorry I didn't accept your question, it might have been on the right track, but it wasn't, so I let it go.
lol :D I know, it was just a distracter.

Here's a real question: has it something to do with "an," "the," and "director" as all articles that come before a noun(person/place/thing)?
Or, the answer is you can put 'y' at the end of them and make a new word
Ah! That's probably it. :)
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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