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Gurth's Games (for fun)

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Game No c1:

This is a 20 Questions sort of game.
The question here is "What do the 3 words 'the', 'an' and 'director' have in common?"

How to play: Submit any yes/no type of question you like (the usual type of question in 20 Questions). At 1 - 2 pm (South African time) tomorrow, i.e. 24 hours from NOW, I will choose what I think is the most helpful question (for you!) as 1st question and answer it.

The non-chosen questions will be forgotten, but there is no rule against resubmitting them on future days.

Only one question per player per day, please. Have fun!
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Is the answer related to some property or characteristic that these words *do not* have?
Or, the answer is you can put 'y' at the end of them and make a new word
Kind of disappointing. I was expecting something really bombastic.:(
Game over. Well done, Huilunsoittaja for setting a breakthrough question and Chris for nailing it.
But when I asked if it was something that they didn't have, you said no. They didn't have the letter y.
Nor did they have the letter x, Almaviva.
The common property they all had was NOT that they did not have y, but that they COULD attach a y.
Objection overruled. ;)
Fair enough.:)
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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