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In theory it is possible. But I've never seen one. Once I saw a helicopter flying over the harbour. Because of a trick of the light, the cockpit area was lit up and looked like a 'bubble' top to a flying saucer. I said to a man nearby, who was also looking at it, 'That helicopter - one might almost think it was a UFO.' He said, 'Well, isn't it?'

If that man went away and told people he'd seen a spaceship, I begin to see where all the reports of UFOs come from.
There are also tricks of perspective. If you think that an airborne object is much closer or much further away than it really is, it can appear to be moving in a very extraordinary way.

There is a story concerning a police officer who called in to his station saying that he was following what appeared to be a low-flying aircraft performing all manner of dangerous manoeuvres and unlikely changes of direction. This turned out to be the planet Venus. The stunt piloting was caused by the bumpy back country road on which he was driving.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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