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high notes

baroque flute said:
In the last movement of my symphony I am having the viola play up to G at the top of the treble clef. I wouldn't think there is a problem with it, as far as difficulty or sound quality, but I thought I would ask if any of you know because I don't see it done that often. (The viola is paying harmony, but it actually goes a little higher than the 2nd violin which is playing melody an octave lower than the first.)
I'd say most violists can play four octaves from low c to c"" far above the treble clef. Some can play higher, but those notes tend to squeek a bit. There is only one major consideration; don't keep them there all the time. The fourth octave ( from the c'" above the treble clef to the c"" above that ) is not confortable for long term use. The viola really only has three octaves of "confortable" positions.
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