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What an interesting question. So used to mentioning size slightly more generally but not quite this specifically. But it caught my eye because as she got older I can remember being struck by how much sound she made. I heard her four times, all I'm sure, in the 70's....possibly early 80's. Both roles in Boheme, Adrianna and Don Carlo. The voice seemed to feel larger as the years went by, in a way out of proportion to any sort of natural growth, to whatever degree that actually happens. She wasn't young when I first heard her.The best sound was earlier, Mimi. In Don Carlo I remember being quite struck by just how big the voice sounded and it was still attractive and, of course, well used dramatically. At the end, it seemed she couldn't buy a NY review, in terms of the sound, so this sense of bigger - not laser-like, fairly round - has always been associated in my mind by a less than successful approach.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts