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How Important is Sexual Attraction to You In Your Favorite Performers?

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What you find attractive varies on an individual basis, but is this an important component for you? For me it is. That is one reason why I prefer female performers like Yuja Wang or Mitsuko Uchida, they have great skill by my estimation (which is also something I look for) and I am attracted to confident women, which both of them are.

My preference in style goes to Wang, however, whom I find more intriguing and to have a style that stands out more to my ears. She is also closer to my age, so I like that aspect of it too. I can relate to her choice of clothing and ways of expressing herself this way, it is with the times of females expressing themselves sexually.
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To completely dismiss appearances like most are in this thread is to not be intellectually honest. Even appreciating a conservative look is to value the look of the performer.

As Eva said, we should empower artists that seem to dress how they please, like I think Yuja Wang does.
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and the idea that she needs you to empower her to wear what she wants is, frankly, risible.
She gets a lot of ridicule for her choice of dress. I'm just showing support and there's nothing wrong with that. I think looks are under-appreciated in classical communities.
Looks and provocative dress are sometimes used to distract from less that quality performance (think certain YouTube personality pianists)

I agree. I just think looks can be under-appreciated in our culture. Not that being fit and dressing seductively is the only look possible, there are several, including the conservative look.
I'll give the fine Captain a pass and say that the Captain can find attractive whatever tickles the Captain's fancy.
Thanks kind sir. Even though I'm homosexual, I can still appreciate the beauty of a woman. Re-evaluating my stance in the OP, all I really care about is how the player sounds, but it is nice when they dress to express themselves which I think most classical artists are pretty good about doing in general.

The classy Uchida.
The fanciful Lang Lang.
The assertive Wang.
The gentlemanly Bell.
The offbeat Gould.
The sophisticated Horowitz.
The serious Kempff.
The colorful Roge.

And so on.

I listed lots of Pianists since that's what I pay closest attention to being that's what I studied in my youth; I gravitate towards it.
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This Georgian goddess makes it hard for me to focus on the music, I'll leave it at that... 😜

I've heard her Gymnopedie no. 1 and she is graceful as can be.
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The former list - all female. Now - both genders. It seems the motive was never really about about sexual attraction to musicians, but something else. Fortunately, a preference for a good cigar is gender free.
Yes, I think you’re right. I think it’s more about how an artist’s presentation matches their artistic voice.
While I appreciate Lang and Wang, and others too, Gould and Rogé are my two favorite Classical performers of all time.

Rogé for his Satie.
Gould for his Mozart and Bach.
The young Gould was attractive to women. My wife said she could understand the comparisons with James Dean (bad boy excitement).

Now I read just the other day that Gould usually reveled in the photography shoots for his album covers etc.. I thought he deeply disliked the sessions, but felt obligated for his career..

Of course, people are very different on different days. As with all history, what gets documented are the curious high points, not a general, more reliable picture.

That doesn’t change my opinion of his excellent technique and unique interpretations, which is what I love about him.
I think it's better to leave that judgement to their spouses. At first this was more about empowerment.
Agreed. It's only problematic when people choose not to like an artist based on their looks; either good looking or poor looking by one's own estimation.
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