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I just find it really unartistic. It doesn't communicate deep thoughts or emotions for the most part.
A very silly statement.

It communicates thoughts and emotions, unlike a lot of pop, just not interesting ones most of the time.
The second is a much better statement. To make such a blanket declaration that alludes to all the works of J.S Bach being "lame" is quite the statement. We all are entitled to our opinion though. As someone mentioned above, you are young. If that is true, I can only hope for your sake that you eventually grow into & gain an appreciation for both periods. They both yield extraordinary things and experiences in music.

A case can be made (I will make it) that the passage of time and the increasing number of tools available to composers allows for an ever-increasing palette of "colors", rhythms, longer-winded melodies, etc that were not available to composers of earlier eras. Hence there is more to hear and more to love as we approach and reach Bartok, Martinu, Stravinsky, Ravel, Debussy, even Respighi.
Eva Yojimbo responded very well to this post. Just to elaborate a bit more: When I see the confines of musical structure these old great masters had to work with, I find their music that much more impressive that they could compose massively great works within those confines. I believe it is a true testament to their greatness and genius. Knowing that when I listen to them impresses me & makes me appreciate them that much more.

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