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I would like to become a singer

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I practiced over the years and am quite good. But never had vocal training from a professional. I live in Seattle and here they have men's chorus, Seattle symphony. I feel so intimidated. How can I get trained professionally?
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This is my first post so sorry if i say the wrong thing.

I'm in a choir. I also have voice lessons. No voice should stand out in a choir and if you have a very strong voice you have to hold back so that you don't stand out. We have one or two very strong (loud) singers in our choir. Our expert teacher encourages them to restrain themselves when singing with the choir. I don't see that it hinders them when they need to sing alone. But if your voice is that good then perhaps you should bypass the choir and focus on developing yourself as a solo artist if that's what you really aspire to.

Meanwhile singing in a choir is fun.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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