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IDAGIO and their disgustingly aggressive marketing

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google something related to classical music? see IDAGIO's ads, newsletter in my email inbox? see IDAGIO's ads, a zillion paid articles with positive shill reviews written in the same week by countless major news outlets and blogs, I wish their product was as half as good as their aggressive marketing. when I canceled their way too expensive subscription for an incomplete library and buggy experience,they still charged me. That is as close as a scam would go. I can't even believe that people would choose this amateurish product over Spotify or even Naxos library. Is IDAGIO worth it? imo NO. I wish they would spend their money on improving their product instead of begging for users everywhere.
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Who pays subscriptions for streaming services like this? It's music paid for over and over again whenever re-listening occurs. Okay it's better than owning a trillion CDs, but not much.
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