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If You Could Only Have One Beethoven Symphony Cycle

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What one would it be?

This would be a no-brainer for me if Fricsay had a full cycle. But since he does not, i am kind of inclined towards Gunter Wand (but if I keep listening to the Hanover Band cycle, that may change). However, that is out of my current collection which includes full cycles of Hanover Band, Wand, Szell, Ferencsik, and Liebowitz (I had Walter but got rid of it as too stodgy, but am told I should have kept if for his 6th). I am interested in what others would pick for their sole Beethoven symphony cycle and why.

NOTE: I started this thread because I think the results will be very interesting, but also because we don't have enough Beethoven symphony cycle threads on this site. :lol:
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I will take Karajan with the BPO 1963. I really like 3, 5 and 8 in that set. The only drawback is the sound quality. Some sets like Wand, Abbado, or Gardiner have better sound but the music is not better than the Karajan. He is the master when it comes to the heroic stuff, mainly 3 and 5.

Thank God we can all have more than one Beethoven set.
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