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Is a violin bad for your spine ?

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I am just watching an opera Thais, which contains a violin solo. When there was a close up on the musician, I started wondering, if repetitive strain injury of the neck is a frequent thing for violinists. It looks so demanding and asymetric. Or did only this guy do something wrong ? It never occured to me before, from watching the performance.
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Well, it all depends how many hours you play per day and how many hours (without break) you need to keep the thing up.
Professional orchestral players often develop problems and a lot of attention goes towards developing a posture that can be sustained without developing chronic issues.
Common issues are aches and pains in neck, shoulders, wrists, elbows, back. Trapped nerves. Tendinitis, bursitis. Callouses on fingertips and the permanent sore on the side of the neck don't sound too bad, but actually some people develop real problems also with those. like an abscess on the neck or permanent/recurring nerve pain in fingertips.
That's just the physicals. There are also general symptoms like sleep disorders due to disruption of circadian rhythm, recurrent or even permanent exhaustion, symptoms of the digestive system (IBS very common) due to irregular life style/performance nerves and of course all the mental/emotional issues that come with the performance pressure. Alcoholism, depression, anxiety.....let's stop here.
I don't want to sound too negative and I realize all occupations come with their own set of issues. But since you asked.....
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