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I heard many of his recordings though I have nothing of his in my collection.

I once heard Szell and Karajan described as being leading conductors in the School of Industrial Perfection.

I thought that silly, a cliche. Szell had many fine, warm recordings with lots of humanity. His later Haydn symphonies are among them. He was also very good at descriptive music such as the Hary Janos and Lt. Kije suites.

His orchestra played letter and note perfect all the time with perfect intonation, it is true. I don't know why that would be considered a detriment. Listen to his Pictures At An Exhibition someday.

One thing cannot be denied about Szell: he was consistent. It was probably also true he concentrated on execution and perfection at the expense of what some may say soul.

Anshel Brusilow, the former concertmaster under Szell, wrote about him in his book. Szell was neither an easy person to work for nor was he generous. But that was not unusual in his day either.
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