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is it true that Bach's wife wrote his greatest works?

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this is back in november 2014...but still interesting

what do you guys think?
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Were The JS Bach Works That Were Actually Written By Bach's Second Wife Actually Written By His First Wife?

...whoops, wrong thread

Was Jack the Ripper actually the Loch Ness Monster?

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I'm writing my thesis on how it was JS Bach who actually gave birth to CPE Bach.

My suspicion was first raised when I realised that CPE was born SEVEN YEARS before he met Anna Magdalena.

Obviously there will be a backlash from "the establishment".
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The Earl of Oxford wrote Bach's works. A poor uneducated smelly commoner like Bach can't have had knowledge of all that theology, the way a noble man would. The best in the arts must come from the best in breeding, obviously.
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