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Is it?

Is Liszt's music mostly just macho Red Bull time music?

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Okay this is what Liszt is often accused of (maybe not in those exact words but you get the point). So is it?
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To those who are confused by the expression "macho red bull time music".

This is in my opinion just macho Red Bull time music, but still rather good:

Now this on the other hand is bad kind of macho Red Bull time music I think.
I like Paul Gilbert AND Rusty Cooley... And Liszt for that matter. I hate when people say stuff is overly technical and because of that lacks emotion. Not that anybody has said this yet, but people do say it a lot. To me very virtuosic technical playing creates a certain kind of emotion that isn't achievable any other way, and this goes for Gilbert, Cooley, and Liszt in my opinion.
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