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Italian, and opera question

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I'm learning Italian for an upcoming trip to Italy, and after about a month, I realized I might start to be able to listening to opera, if I learned the proper words. Now I'm not to that point, I just realized hey there will be a point that I don't need subtitles anymore. My question is, how do I go about finding the words I need to be able to understand it properly? Just listen for them, or is there a common opera phrase book lying around someplace I could pick up? I have noticed that singing is a good deal harder to hear than just spoken, in any language, are there any tips for listening?
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Tip: Hopefully there will be English surtitles at the opera you attend, although not so likely in Italy I guess. Knowing the plot and the music will enhance your enjoyment of an opera far more than being able to discern some of the words.

I've picked up some Italian over the years simply from being interested and making visits there. But being able to understand live opera singers is a different matter, particularly given the size of many opera houses and the diction of the singers.

However your desire to learn Italian is laudable and anything you can learn will greatly enhance your visit. These days my Italian learning comes from the DVD box set of Inspector Montalbano, with subtitles on.
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