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John Williams

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I was rather surprised to learn the other night that Mr. Williams has won 5 Oscars as I have never been a fan. Also, there seems to be much love for him within the small community here that accepts original scores for movies as classical.

My question is, why is he so widely acclaimed within film score? What is his best work in your opinion?

I am trying to find how this love is born.

I have a hunch that simply being associated with Star Wars has lead to an acceptance based more on familiarity than production. Thoughts?
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John Williams is by far the most successful film composer of all time, if not the greatest. I have avoided all-John-Williams concerts: a little of his music goes a long way. But there's no denying the talent and hard work. Maybe for some of us we grew up with his music. On TV he wrote a lot of scores for Irwin Allen such as Time Tunnel, Lost in Space and Land of the Giants. Then he went on to The Poseiden Adventure and Jaws - that music was part of our youth. Then on to Star Wars and so on.

I don't find his later work nearly as compelling or as much fun as the earlier work. The suite from Close Encounters (as recorded by Mehta) is wonderful, awe inspiring. Dracula, Superman, Empire of the many great scores there. Schindler's List is quite a change from the blockbuster films, and very poignant. But like it or not, John Williams real bid to immortality is...Star Wars. The basic suite from the first film will eventually take its place alongside other suites like Peer Gynt, Nutcracker, and Grand Canyon.
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I can readily whistle bits from Jaws, Potter, Superman, Indy, JP, Star Wars...
That's exactly the point I've been trying to make with concert producers: young people today know those scores and frankly like them better than the Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Brahms they keep playing over and over.
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