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I still think we should have another level after 'Senior'. Any suggestions? Geriatric member? Old Duffer member? Crusty member? Oh hang on I don't like the term 'crusty member'. :rolleyes:
The mathematician Paul Erdös signed his name with increasingly morbid acronyms as he got older. Maybe we could do the same here at TC! From Wikipedia:

Erdős signed his name "Paul Erdos P.G.O.M." When he became 60, he added "L.D.", at 65 "A.D.", at 70 "L.D." (again), and at 75 "C.D."

P.G.O.M. represented "Poor Great Old Man"
The first L.D. represented "Living Dead"
A.D. represented "Archaeological Discovery"
The second L.D. represented "Legally Dead"
C.D. represented "Counts Dead"
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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