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Tremendous power.

John Williams said once, that had he lived in the modern times, Wagner would have had a whole studio in Burbank with a big W on it.

We can only wonder, based on film scores like Korngold's The Sea Hawk and Huppertz's Metropolis, what would he write for them.

The problem is, Wagner would really have to have his own studio, because his slow pace of composition would be unsuitable for even the longest of projects. Time after a film has been edited and readied for music composition---is not for sale.

Once Stravinsky asked for a huge sum to compose for a film. The producer was ok with that, telling him that he would be willing to pay that to hire the greatest composer in the world. But when Stravinsky said that he needed a year to work, he was shown to the door.

Even Williams cannot bargain for more than 2,5 months with the big studios, for 2 hours of music.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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