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Kate Bush

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Not only one of the most beautiful but one of the most talented women in pop music.

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The Hounds of Love is a towering masterpiece which I never tire of.

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Continue to enjoy all her music just as much now as I did back in the day.
50 Words for Snow shows she hasn't lost her abilities in the preceding years.

Any other fans :)
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Agree with your remarks both on her looks and her music. :)

Hounds of love is my favourite pop/rock CD of all time. I thought Aerial was an amazing comeback, but 50 Words for Snow made less of an impression on me.

I recommend the BBC4 documentary about her on YouTube (4 links, see here).
Yes I watched that documentary and it was really enjoyable.
Aerial was an amazing comeback and I agree it was a better album than 50 words. She specialises in making comebacks with the amount of time it takes her to get a record out nowadays. I was really sorry not to see her live recently when she did a few dates in London. She probably won't do any more as it was her first live dates since the 70's.

Hounds of Love is one of my favourites - I'd probably put it very near the top. Hello Earth continues to send tingles down my spine 30 years after first hearing it and I can't say that about many pieces of music.
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@Brotanganist == No Lieder or Opera I'm afraid :)

@Albert - Most people would consider Hounds of Love her masterpiece. It also contains a few top 10 hits. Shows both her 'pop' side and her artistic side. If you like Tori Amos you should like Kate as she heavily influenced Tori.
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