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Again the same vien as the listening thread, this works well on other forums and I have had some fantastic discussion in such threads. Simply post what you have been buying or are considering buying!

For me..

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I just purchased a set of 10 CD's with Mahler Symphonies recorded as far back as 1928. I was actually only looking for a single one of them, the 1950 recording of the Mahler 8 with Leopold Stokowski, but I got all the other Symphonies (other than 7) and the Ruckert Lieder as a bonus. Not bad for $15.00.
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I though it was kind of boring at first as I was not really used to classical music, but then I was amazed at how much I fell in love with it. There is a fine balance of sweet melancholy and stormy energy...
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P.S. Great thanks to Hexameron for his fine instruction on how to insert images in the post
:D :D :D
WOW! Thanks guys, you have given me some great ideas for my next buys. :)

Yesterday, I bought a new CD of Bach's Inventions and Partitas, with Janine Jansen (Violin), Maxim Rysanov (Viola), and Torleif Thedeen (Cello).

The CD is a mix of two part inventions (Violin and Viola) and three part inventions (Violin, Viola, Cello) and partitas for solo Violin.

This a great CD! :)

The playing is wonderful, and so is the recording sound quality. This will make a great addition to my ever-growing collection of Bach works. :cool:
Downloaded via iTunes today:

Bach: Orchestral Suites

Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings (thank you again, Chambernut & Hawk :) )

All performed by Capella Istropolitana on the Naxos label. The other day I also ordered their recording of Bach's Musical Offering via Amazon-- it will be in later next week.

I just got Mahler's complete symphonies (Leonard Bernstein conducting) for a Christmas present. I have got to listen to that. Also bought Brahms' A German Requiem and listened to it (Otto Klemperer, Fischer-Dieskau, Schwartzkopf). It's gorgeous.
Damn, iTunes is dangerous! :eek:

Downloaded today:

Capella Istropolitana's recording of Bach's Mass in B minor (I confess I've not heard it in its entirety)

A neat arrangement of Bach's Goldberg Variations for two oboes, English horn and bassoon by the Homecoming Woodwind Ensemble (its very "woody" sounding)-- listening to this right now. :)

AND yesterday (with a gift card I received for Christmas) I downloaded:

A bunch of Erik Satie (the Sarabandes, Gymnopedies, Gnossiennes and a few other piano pieces as performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet (I feel he gets the tempo about right)

and a couple pieces of late pieces of Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus and his Violin and String Quartet

and Gorecki's Third Symphony (with Dawn Upshaw-- I used to own this years ago & I've missed it)

I may have downloaded a couple other odds & ends too. OK-- between this and some other recent purchases, I am set for the next several weeks! *whew!*


p.s. And I forgot to mention all the Takemitsu CDs I got for Christmas too!
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Last night I downloaded one more thing unexpectedly-- and well worth it... Its Bach's Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin... performed on cello :cool: by Vito Paternoster (Vito "Ourfather"?)

I've already got Rachel Podger's recording of this on violin (and Gidon Kremer's ECM recording too, though I was not happy with that recording), but this makes an interesting supplement to Bach's awesome cello suites.

The Chaconne from the 2nd partita is excellent!

I have just now purchased Beethoven's 9th and 5th violin sonatas with perlman and ashkenazy. i am listening to it now, this is my first exposure to violin sonatas and i like what i hear (so far the first 2 movments of kreutzer, the 9th)
Munch conducts, Saint-Saens, Debussy, and Ibert

This CD is a sonic jewel. The Organ Symphony has fiery intensity, complemented by the impressionistic La Mer and Escales. And at a bargain price, too!
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Just purchased "Eleven String Baroque" by Goran Sollscher
Tremendous recording. Well worth adding to your Guitar collections
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Handel's Judas Maccabeus (McGegan/Harmonia Mundi) and Biber's Rosary sonatas (Ensemble Cordaria, Brilliant Classics)

The famous "See the conqu'ring hero comes"

And from the oratorio, "Sing unto God"
iTunes Purchased

Earlier this week off of iTunes I purchased
Enescu: Symphony No. 3-Romanian Rhaspody No. 1
Franck: La Chasseur Maudit-Psyche Psyche is definitely a forgotten masterpiece. Highly recommend!:)
Gorecki: Kleines Requiem fur eine Polka-Harpsichord Concerto-Good Night (Requiem for Soprano, Alto Flute, 3 Tam-Tams, and piano
Kancheli: Abi Ne Viderem-Morning Prayers-Evening Prayers Highly recommend!:) I also recommend Exil, one of the most haunting, sad pieces of music I have ever heard.
Pettersson: Symphonies No 8 and 10
Roussel: Symphonies No. 2-4-Ballets
Schnittke: Symphony No. 8- Gogol Suite
Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2
It's very easy to spend money you don't have on iTunes

Just purchased and am currently listening to
Artur Rubinstein; Vol. 26 of the Rubinstein Collection with Chopin's 19 Nocturnes, 3 Etudes, and more

The music seems really familiar even though to the best of my knowledge I have never heard it before
I just got back from buying Sibelius' complete symphonies, Lorin Maazel conducting. Sounds great!
I just got back from buying Sibelius' complete symphonies, Lorin Maazel conducting. Sounds great!
Check out his Finlandia. :D

A great buy.
D'Arcangelo? Daniels? Ciofi? Genaux?

This CD looks truly wonderful! I MUST BUY :O
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Some new CDs after the longest gap (yet) without a purchase.

Phew! I feel SO relieved now. Previously, every time I was at the store, I knew well that I REALLY needed this in my collection, but without a bottomless wallet full of money :p I used to choose some other CD over this one since I got to listen to these symphonies quite often. I decided to end this debate with myself today and bought it. So now it's 4 down (5,6,7 and 9) and 5 to go. :D

And finally some chamber music...

Yet another CD that has been on the wishlist for quite sometime.
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