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For the first time in a super long time, I bought new music! 5 artists that I am a fan of, seen two of them perform, all have new releases within the past year. I spent a few hours yesterday downloading and organizing it all into my digital library.

It just really lifted my spirits coming into my Monday morning workday. I imagine will lift me through the rest of the week.

1. Stephen Hough is my single favorite pianist and Chopin's nocturnes my single-favorite piano cycle. I was lucky enough to hear him perform the E-flat major, op9/2 as an encore a couple years ago. There was a time that I had a number in the 'teens' of complete nocturne cycles. I purged most of them, and certainly don't need another, but for Sir Hough I had to. This will join the Maria João Pires and Nelson Friere as my 'go-tos.'

2. To my ears, Hamelin's recordings of the Classical-era repertoire are superlative. His Mozart and Haydn surveys were the first time I felt genuine enthusiasm for those keyboard works. This double-disc addition of CPE Bach is no exception. All pieces I'm hearing for the first time and I'm already in love.

3. Cathy Krier is a young pianist I've been following with enthusiasm. Her recordings of Rameau/Ligeti, Janeček, and '20th Century' have each been fantastic. She is a natural fit for these Ligeti études and will take their place next recordings by Aimard and Ullén. After the first listen I'm impressed and really happy with the quality of the recording.

4. Angela Hewitt's first recording of D Scarlatti sonatas was a delight, and, you guessed it, the second is also a delight. Officially my favorite interpreter, surpassing Horowitz and Pogorelich.

5. Sorabji: 100 Transcendental études has been completed!! The album by Fredrik Ullén - a Swedish neuroscientist that specializes in research on the impact of music on the brain - is the final installment of the series, which I've been following since 2006 (!!!). I have not yet listened to the final massive hour-long Number 100, but am excited to do so.

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Monday the Mrs brought these home from Hospital Thrift Store where she volunteers; .25cents each. I must say I'm looking forward to hearing Mr. Ts'ong I have not heard of him previously.

Chopin, Ivo Pogorelich - Préludes
Label: Deutsche Grammophon 1990

Chopin, Fou Ts'ong - Mazurkas
Label: Sony Classical 2 CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 1993

Beethoven - Nikolaus Harnoncourt, The Chamber Orchestra Of Europe - Symphony No. 2. / Symphony No. 5 on Teldec CD 1992

Danzi/Spohr/Sawallisch/Residenz-Quintett München - Kammermusik Für Bläser
Claves Label CD Switzerland 1987
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Fou Ts'ong is great. I've not heard these Mazurkas but his interpretations of the Nocturnes are solid.
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Recently arrived - described by a fellow TCer as a 'steal' so much of a steal that he joined in the 'robbery'.

Beethoven, Complete String Quartets - Ebene Quartet.

An absolute joy of a set. I don't listen to Beethoven much, but when I do, it's usually those late SQs and the Quatuor Ébène play these works fabulously. Deeply moving performances.

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Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi, Wagner
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Someone passed away, and someone related to them decided to give away many of their belongings, which included a box full of CDs. There's American Songbook, a large collection of Classical/Pop Classical, notably Opera and Opera singers and guitar (Classical, Flamenco, etc.). There's also some Wedding Playlist CD-Rs.

Among the Classical:

8-CD set: Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XX - España Antigua
3-CD set: "Opera's Golden Moments"
2-CD set: Victoria de los Angeles/Jussi Björling/Sir Thomas Beecham - Puccini/La Bohème [EMI Classics]
Naciso Yepes/Los Romeros/Sir Neville Mariner - Rodrigo/Concierto de Aranjuez/Fantasia para un gentilhombre/ Concierto Andaluz

Opera Singers:

Andrea Bocelli - Viaggio Italiano
Placido Domingo - Bajo El Cielo Español (Under the Spanish Sky)
Luciano Pavarotti - Ti Amo: Puccini's Greatest Love Songs
Maria Callas - Callas Forever soundtrack
Il Divo - The Promise


Frank Sinatra - My Way The Best of Frank Sinatra (2-CD set)
Frank Sinatra - 16 Most Requested Songs
Tony Bennett - 16 Most Requested Songs
The Temptations - Icon
Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love
Julio Iglesias - Hey! (1980)
Julio Iglesias - L Carretera (1995)
Julio Iglesias - My Life: The Greatest Hits (1998) (English/Spanish)
Julio Iglesias - My Life: The Greatest Hits (1998) (Spanish)


A CD-R titled The Sultan of Bagdad
A CD-R titled Antonio Molina
Some other CD-Rs evidently burned to use at some wedding reception

. . . and a Bose Wave Music System promotional demonstration disc.

Muddy Waters - Blues Legend
The Best of Broadway: The American Musical [random B'way songs from 1920-2003; original artists]
Javid - Gypsy Flame New Flamenco
The San Dieguito Jazz Ensemble and Friends - Jazz Abstractions
The Let GO - Hello. I'm Fine.


4-CD set: Esteban - By Request

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Responding to an ArkivMusic ad which featured works by Ukranian composers, purchase of which will add a contribution to Ukranian relief funds, I purchased the following two discs, the composer and music of which I was unfamiliar but intrigued about hearing:

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